Datum: april 11, 2018

Tid: 19-20.30

Plats: Zoom


Hugo Echeverría: When Courts meet the Wild. The case of Nature’s rights in Ecuador
Ten years ago, Ecuador recognized Nature as a subject of constitutional rights. Ten years is not much in legal terms. Nevertheless, is it enough time to preliminarily assess what has happened to enforcement of rights to Nature. The talk will provide a background and overview of the Ecuadorian recognition of rights to Nature and will focus on application of these rights in specific cases, at Courts. It will address the lessons learned as well as the challenges ahead. The talk will make a special reference to rights of Nature in a ¨blue context¨, that is, issues related to the ocean and marine wildlife. Hugo Echeverría is an Ecuadorian lawyer with over 17 years of practice in Environmental Law. Since 2007 Hugo has been studying the recognition of rights to Nature and its effects on law enforcement. 
Details: Webinar is held on Zoom. Register here
Earth Rights Conversations is a seminar series arranged by Rights of Nature Sweden. During spring 2018, the seminars will be open to international participation as webinars, held in english. Pella Thiel from Rights of Nature/End Ecocide Sweden is hosting. All seminars