Datum: mars 27, 2021


The European Hub of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature is together with other organisations hosting a European Citizens’ Tribunal for the Rights of Nature. The Tribunal will hear and try five critical aquatic ecosystem cases, brought by frontline, impacted communities and experts from across Europe. The Tribunal will be presided over by a panel of experienced Rights of Nature judges from around the world.

The Tribunal is organized to bring not only maximum visibility to these current key struggles to protect Europe’s critical waterways and aquatic ecosystems, but to offer legal rulings and precedence that European communities can utilize to advance their fight to secure protection and restoration to the water systems they seek to protect.

The communities living in the lake Vättern area have mobilised against the environmental destruction of Vättern and surrounding ecosystems for many years. Aktion Rädda Vättern (ARV) and Urbergsgruppen Grenna  are two of many organisations and networks which have continued to protect Vättern and surrounding ecosystems in the wake of pollution of the lake by corporations and the Swedish state.

Vättern Case