Datum: maj 12, 2019

Tid: 10-14

Plats: Ekskäret Klustret, Stockholm

Rights of Nature Sweden invites you to participate in the first steps of a groundbreaking, transformative process to acknowledge the rights of Lake Vättern. We will learn from the experiences of experts from USA, Colombia and Canada and lay the foundations for the long term project of getting the rights of Lake Vättern acknowledged. A draft Bill of Rights for Vättern will be presented.

WHERE: Ekskäret Klustret, Birger Jarlsg. 58

WHEN: May 12th, 10 am – 2 pm with fika mingle afterwards

WHO: anyone who cares for Vättern and/or wants to work for the rights of nature anywhere and everywhere.


HOSTS: Rights of Nature Sweden, Lodyn, End Ecocide Sweden, Chalmers university

CONTACT: Pella Thiel, pella.thiel@endecocide.se, 073-658 98 84



Lake Vättern is  the second largest lake in Sweden. It provides drinking water for over 250 000 people, a number that may increase substantially in the future as both Örebro and Stockholm, and even Denmark and Germany, are looking at Vättern as a source of water. Vättern is famous for the excellent quality of its water. It has been suggested that Vättern is the largest body of potable water in the world. The lake is threatened by several projects, including mining for rare earth metals and the military practising shooting in the water. The shooting permit has recently been substantially extended.

Rights of Nature is a global growing movement that aims to transform the relationship between people and nature through law. Major decisions have been made in various context: parliaments, courts and local administrations around the world. A draft Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth have been presented to the UN. The UN initiative Harmony with Nature, has been instigated with the aim to construct a new, non-anthropocentric paradigm in which the fundamental basis for right and wrong action concerning the environment is grounded not solely in human concerns. The UN General Assembly has since 2009 adopted nine resolutions on Harmony with Nature.  www.naturensrattigheter.se