Datum: maj 6, 2019

Tid: 17-19

Plats: Storm, Malmö universitet


Rights of Nature is emerging as a powerful global movement to transform human consciousness; redesign failing, consumptive economic and social structures; and create a framework for living in harmony with nature, grounded in the recognition of the Rights of Mother Earth.

During this workshop, we will talk about how the Rights of Nature movement is rapidly expanding and growing, through constitutional recognition, national (and local) laws, treaty agreements, court cases, government administrative decisions, Tribunals, nonprofits and academic institutions working on the issues, researching, and more.

We will together open up a space for local movement-building, and dialogue on the Rights of Nature as a legal and cultural concept, and as a powerful tools available for protecting the planet and establishing balance in our biosphere.

Facilitated by:
Hana Begovic (organizer at GARN). Moderator: Fredrik Björk, Malmö University