Rights of Nature Sweden

The swedish Network for the Rights of Nature was founded in 2017 by individuals and organisations: Lodyn, End Ecocide Sweden (part of the End Ecocide on Earth network), Solidarity Sweden-Latin America and Swedish Earth Rights Lawyers.

We are working on many arenas and in diverse forms for Rights of Nature as a systemic tool for the transition to a society in harmony with nature. We arrange the Earth Rights Conference as a platform for connecting and spreading these ideas.

We are part of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and the UN Harmony with Nature initiative

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2020 years report from UN Harmony with Nature

Mother Earth will only be preserved through a paradigm shift from a human-centric society to an Earth-centred global ecosystem. President of the General Assembly on International Mother Earth Day, 22 April 2020 The UN programme Harmony with Nature (where several...

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Church of Sweden to include Rights of Nature in education

The Church of Sweden is with 6 million members the largest member-based organisation in Sweden and the largest Lutheran denomination in Europe. In november, the General Synod decided to approve a motion to include Rights of Nature into education across the board in...

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Pella Thiel is the Environmental Hero of the Year 2019

WWF Sweden appoints Pella Thiel as the Environmental Hero of the Year 2019 in the category Biodiversity. Greta Thunberg is appointed as Young Environmental Hero of the Year and Magnus Carlson, singer in Weeping Willows wins the climate category. The award was handed...

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New UN report on Rights of Nature

The tenth report from the UN-initiative Harmony with Nature, following resolution 73/235 has been presented by the Secretary General. The report highlights humankind’s evolving consciousness of our relationship with Mother Earth, an evolution manifested worldwide...

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Verdict for the Tribunal of the Rights of Lake Vättern

At Earth Rights Conference in Sigtuna, Sweden, a Tribunal on the rights of Lake Vättern was held. The following is the verdict from the judges.   We, the judges of the Tribunal of the Rights of Lake Vättern, find that the destructive impacts of increased military...

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